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100% pay

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Alysha from SA, 20 yr old

Oct 29, 2015YWYA 2015

Alysha loves her job and the people she works with, she starts […] Read More »

Lauren from TAS, 19 yr old

Oct 28, 2015YWYA 2015

Lauren has worked on service for 4 1/2 years. She is a […] Read More »

David from WA, 21 yr old

Oct 27, 2015YWYA 2015

I think David is an inspiration to Young Workers everywhere. I’ve known […] Read More »

Kirsten from NSW, 24 yr old

Oct 21, 2015YWYA 2015

I believe Kirsten deserves this award because she always gives 110%. Kirsten […] Read More »

Liam from NSW, 22 yr old

Oct 20, 2015YWYA 2015

Always starts early/stays back. Happy to cover shifts at short notice. Reliable […] Read More »

Sarah from QLD, 19 yr old

Oct 20, 2015YWYA 2015

Sarah has been working for 5 months since the opening of her […] Read More »

Carly from Newcastle, 22 yr old

Oct 20, 2015YWYA 2015

I am nominating an exceptional and inspiring young lady. Carly started at […] Read More »

Amma-lou from NSW, 21 yr old

Oct 20, 2015YWYA 2015

Amma-lou is one of the hardest workers i know, always giving a […] Read More »

Asel from VIC, 23 yr old

Oct 13, 2015YWYA 2015

Asel strives up and above what is expected of him .Asel is […] Read More »


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