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100% pay


About 100% Pay at 18+

100% Pay is dedicated to looking after young retail and fast food workers.

We aim to provide clear, accurate and easy to understand information to young workers about their pay and rights at work, and a place where they can get further information if they need it.

About the SDA?

100% Pay was created and is proudly operated by the the SDA, the Union for Workers in Retail, Fast Food & Warehousing representing over 200,000 workers across Australia in the retail, fast food, warehousing, hair and beauty and modelling industries.

With branches in every state and territory, the SDA has a proud record of working hard over the past 125 years to protect your rights at work.

The SDA campaigns for fair pay for younger workers by working to abolish junior rates. The 100% Pay at 18+ campaign was successful in winning the adult rate at 20 in the Retail Award and continues to work to ensure you receive fair pay for the work you do.

For more information on the SDA go to www.sda.org.au

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