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ABC – How to make sure you’re not being ripped off at work

Jan 16, 2019News

While a lot of us look forward to Christmas and new year […] Read More »

Courier Mail – There’s no excuse for abusing shop staff

Jan 16, 2019News

Why is it while many of us profess to love or at […] Read More »

Unemployed, underemployed or underpaid: The reality for young workers

Sep 3, 2018News

Google the term “millennials are…” and one of the first suggested searches […] Read More »

10 Things Working in Retail Teaches You About Life

Aug 15, 2018News

Retail jobs are almost a rite-of-passage for most style-conscious folks. It almost […] Read More »

This Student Walked 30km To Work, So His Boss Gave Him A Car

Aug 8, 2018News

Walter Carr’s car broke down, so he walked through the night to […] Read More »

13 Things No One Understands About Working In Retail

Aug 8, 2018News

1. Being rude to me won’t get you anywhere I understand it’s […] Read More »

The whole world is laughing at us

Jul 3, 2018News

CONGRATULATIONS Australia! We made international news today. It wasn’t for a sporting […] Read More »

Woolworths staff subjected to abuse across WA as plastic bag rage hits

Jul 3, 2018News

An abusive customer put his hands around the throat of a Woolworths […] Read More »

Plastic bag bans are coming. Here’s what you need to know

Jul 3, 2018News

From July 1, Queensland and Western Australia will ban single-use, lightweight plastic […] Read More »


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