100% pay
100% pay

Australia needs a pay rise

Aussie wage growth is the slowest it’s been since the 1930s. In a country like Australia, we think that’s just not good enough.

While pay packets struggle to keep up, the cost of living is soaring. Rising electricity bills, rent and living costs are making it almost impossible for the average Australian to get by, whether you’re a student or working full – time.

The good news is that every year Australian wages are reviewed during the Annual Wage Review process. The outcome of this process, which is already underway, will directly determine how much wages will increase for many workers.

Usually the review considers submissions from industry and business groups, who are keen to keep wages low.

But unions, including the SDA, the union for workers in retail and fast food, are pushing for a significant increase to wages.

That’s why it’s important that everyday Australian workers have a chance to be heard.

Add your name to our petition and help us send a clear message that Australia needs a pay rise now.

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