100% pay
100% pay

Tyler from SA, 20 yr old

Always starts early/stays back. Happy to cover shifts at short notice. Reliable in all aspects!!! Goes up and beyond his required duties to benefit the shop and his peers. Will never just “stand around” he will always find something to do. Happy to assist and train/help other staff. Willing to work any and all sections throughout a shift. Polite and fantastic customer services. Always excited to be at work/working. Presented well and very well spoken. Beyond enthusiastic about the job. Willing to learn new things to support the shop, peers and the task at hand. maintains healthy, fun easygoing relationships with work mates. Takes initiative every shift. He is appreciated greatly by management and peers for his complete dedication to his job and the shop & to up hold a high standard. I honestly think his hard work, dedication, determination, commitment and enthusiasm should be formally recognise! a total asset to the store!


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