100% pay
100% pay

Stephanie from SA, 22 yr old

Stephanie is a loyal, committed member of our team. She works mostly as a register supervisor but is happy to jump into any role that is needed within the store. Stephanie is an amazing part of our supervisor team – her communication skills are excellent, she is a wonderful mentor to our junior supervisors and works hard to be a part of our team. Stephanie sets a great example to the register team that she supervises – her customer service skills are great. She works hard to ensure the best for our customers, trying her best to meet their needs. Stephanie has been in her final year of studying a university degree this year but has always given 110% to work. Nothing is ever too much trouble – she supports all of our team, taking the time to get to know each and every team member, always saying hello and asking how they are. She is committed to improving her own skills, embracing all changes and updates within the store. Stephanie is supportive to our team members, supervisors and managers and always tries to ensure that she helps whenever she can. We are lucky to have Stephanie as part of our team – her committment and dedication in all areas of her work is an inspiration for our team.


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