100% pay
100% pay

Morgan from NSW, 19 yr old

I am currently employed by the pharmacy as 1 of 2 junior staff members as a pharmacy/sales assistant. I am also currently studying a bachelor of nursing so that we are able to provide more services to the community. I work at the pharmacy 2 days of the week and study on campus a further 4 days a week. I aim to make work a possitive and fun environment and encourage my co-workers to do the same. I am proud to be the face of my pharmacy and be the great customer support person that i strove to be. Similarly i aim to dedicare some of my time outside of work to the pharmacy, which includes: establishing and maintaining the pharmacies facebook page, voulanteering at community days as a representative of the pharmacy etc. I hope to advance my degree and my support of the pharmacy over the next few years.


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