100% pay
100% pay

Milan from SA, 18 yr old

Milan is a friendly, bright and bubbly member of our team. He can often be seen greeting our customers as they walk into the store, or serving them at our registers, lay-by and refunds counters. Milan dedicates himself to customer service – everything he does is with the customer’s best interests at heart. He always has a smile and happy disposition, no matter what the situation. Milan works hard to support the team and always increases his teamwork by participating in team member functions, he always greets every team member and asks how their day is. He takes an interest in what is happening in team member’s lives and is caring towards others. Milan takes all changes in his stride and is flexible while at work – nothing seems to worry him and he will adapt to any situation. Milan tries hard to please all our customers and is often one of our fastest serving operators, but this does not have a detrimental impact on his service. Milan is a valued part of our team and we appreciate all that he does towards customer service


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