100% pay
100% pay

Michael from VIC, 21 yr old

Michael is one of a kind, his parents should be proud of him, he has the most outstanding work ethic I have seen in a young person in a long time.
Michael gives 110% towards all tasks asked of him.
His attitude towards fellow team members is incredible and it shows as every staff member wants to work with him.
His customer service skills are also incredibly good. He makes every customer feel special and he never hesitates to stop what he is doing to help them out.
As far as his work in the deli, I know I could take the day off and everything would run smoothly with Michael there, even though he is only a part time staff member he still takes on that leadership quality to ensure that everything runs as it should.
Whatever a customer is requiring Michael will do his best to accomodate them. Customers that come in saying they have forgotten to out in their platter orders Michael will just get them done, after just explains to them that 24 hours notice is what is the general rule.
Michael is an absolute assett to have as part of my deli team


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