100% pay
100% pay

Leslie from VIC, 16 yr old

My brother is a really hard worker he works 100% when he is needed covers shifts when asks takes off school sometime because he is such a hard worked so I think he should get it because he is only 16 and he has so much going on with school and home but he always makes sure he has enough time to working always working late because he loves it and he doesn’t mind being tired as long as he gets the job done .Leslie would always come home from work then go to bed then school then work he would just go on and on me not stop working just always making sure has money to help our mum and dad because we come from a big family and he comes home from work and talks about how much he gets along and loves the people he works with so not only are they his team mates their his friends and he will work longer if they need him because he likes getting his work done and sometimes he refuses to go on breaks because he likes getting his job done because that’s hat he is twit for to work so he if fine with working late and being tired cause he loves working


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