100% pay
100% pay

Josh from Newcastle, 24 yr old

I have known Josh for 4 years, he is a very hard worker, nothing is a problem to Josh and he always put in over 100% effort at work. He is always willing to go the extra mile, is always happy to help other fellow employees if needed.
Josh has a very busy lift with all that he does but he always works hard at nightfilling the shelves and is a dedicated hard worker, Josh has a positive attitude is friendly at work and is prompt on time for every shift that he is rostered to work.
Josh shows a great maturity in spite of the fact that he is only young and has a great deal more knowledge than people older than he is.

I could go on about Josh filling pages, but summing Josh up, he is a VERY hard worker, is always cheerful, willing to go that extra distance to help others whether it be fellow workmates or customers. Overall he is a wonderful person, although its work related this award, Josh has always been there for me and others, is a most caring young man, he DEFINITELY should win this AWARD.


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