100% pay
100% pay

David from WA, 21 yr old

david-at-big-wI think David is an inspiration to Young Workers everywhere. I’ve known David while he’s worked at our local Big W since we were in high school and doesn’t just give 100% he gives 110! David always super commits to whatever is happening in store – from Easter to Halloween (think costume and all…) He makes sure customers are having a great day and ensures his fellow workers are having fun while working hard.

He’s also a passionate unionist and always encourages younger staff members, especially those who probably aren’t familiar with what the SDA is or does to join up. Plus he teaches new staff about how important unions have been in securing the awesome working conditions at places like Big W today!

I’m so proud to nominate my good friend David for the SDA’s Young Workmate of the Year Awards – it’s so great the SDA recognises young workers across Australia.


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