100% pay
100% pay

Carly from Newcastle, 22 yr old

I am nominating an exceptional and inspiring young lady. Carly started at Myer several years ago, and I have had the pleasure of working closely with her in that time. From the time Carly first started, she has been such a delight to work with and staff and customers all love her. For someone so young, Carly has a maturity much beyond her years. In the time Carly has been at work, she has been thrown many challenges and has taken them and always does an exceptional job. In her personal life, I know that it can not be easy for someone so young, to leave home to further her studies at uni, and work to pay the bills; however never one to complain, Carly always arrives at work with a smile on her face and asks how everyone else is. Carly is equally patient and caring with the elderly as well as young customers in our store. I am not providing a photo with this entry as I have not told Carly that I have nominated her. My reason is that Carly is very humble and I would like this to be a complete surprise, I certainly have the support of her friends and workmates that Carly certainly would be a very deserving recipient of this award. PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS WONDERFUL YOUNG LADY.


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