100% pay
100% pay

Asel from VIC, 23 yr old

aselAsel strives up and above what is expected of him .Asel is always Happy to help in any task he has been asked to do with 110% ++ .No job is to big No job is to Small.Always completes with a smile.
He is polite caring very well mannered young Man.

One night 10:00 pm Asel was working alone in the car park when he came across an older gentleman ,This man had fallen hard he was unconscious and bleeding from his head.There wasn’t anybody else in the car-park .No one Asle could get help from. Asel was very scared at this point at what he had come across but he stayed calm called Ambulance Victoria. He administered First Aid as instructed over the phone till the Paramedics arrived .
We are very proud to have Asel as part of our team at Craigieburn Coles.I know as a team leader i can always rely on Asel for anything


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