100% pay
100% pay

Amy from SA, 19 yr old

Amy is a committed member of our team. Amy gives 110% to everything that she does by always working hard, putting others before herself and ensuring that our customers have the best possible experience in our store. No matter what life (or customers! ) throw at Amy, she always gives a smile which brightens everyone’s day. Amy is dedicated to her job and is well liked and respected among her peers. Amy works in the lay-by department as well as being a register supervisor. While in the lay-by department, Amy is committed to ensuring that she can help every customer. When policies, procedures and work methods change, Amy is always optimistic about the changes and embraces them. At the start of this year, a new way of working was introduced to our workplace and Amy was fundamental in setting that up for us. As a register supervisor, Amy is always in control and is able to prioritise, support and be a great example to our team, all while showing that nothing is too hard. Amy continues to give fantastic service to our customers and is an inspiration to a lot of our team. She always shows a wonderful commitment to improving herself and skills. Amy is studying as well as working but nothing ever seems to worry her. Amy is a wonderful team member and we are very lucky to have her. Her dedication to everything that she does is wonderful.


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