100% pay
100% pay

Alannah from SA, 19 yr old

Every time we come in for lunch or dinner Alannah is always super warm and welcoming, she puts a sime on our face every time. Ive seen how she makes every custome feel welcome and tends to all their need, even helps out with the kids in the bistro. She works well and gets along with all the staff and ive never heard anything bad about her. When is is super busy she seems to keep her head calm, do the task at hand, and still finds time to be friendly to everyone.
When people break glasses or have a complaint about there food, she always apologizes and does her best to get it fixed, whether it be seeking help from authority or just doing it herself. Even once the problem is resolved she comes to check how you are and makes sure everyone is smiling.
This is why i am nominating her for this award, so she can see how good she really is.


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