100% pay
100% pay

Alana from SA, 21 yr old

Alana is a bright, bubbly member of our supervisor team. She is fully committed to everything that she does and always gives 110% at work. Alana is happy to step in to any role within the store and it is always taken in het stride and done with a smile. Alana works hard to communicate with the supervisor team and support our team members. Alana is always one of our fastest serving supervisors but this does not impede on her customer service skills. Customers are always Alana’s #1 priority – everything that she does is in order to benefit our customers. Alana is committed to improving her own skills and knowledge, and is never afraid to ask if she is unsure about something. Alana liaises well with the management team in order to provide the best service to our customers. Alana is at university full time as well as working but nothing ever phases her- she takes on everything she attempts with determination – nothing is ever too much trouble. Alana is well respected among our team and always supports and communicates with the team that she is leading. We are lucky to have Alana as a part of our team.


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